Our Company


S.I.S. srl, trailblazer company for the production of soles, heels and skins of both compact and foam rubber for footwear.

Our history begins in 1976 in Sumirago, a town near Varese consequently in one of the most traditional European areas and is founded by Ezio Magnoni. Success was immediate and as a result, S.I.S. rose to the top in footwear thanks to the founder’s professional and continuous commitment.

S.I.S. gradually takes on a stronger position internationally thanks to the quality of their own accomplishments. The ability to fulfil high quality craftsman ranges represents a feature which still exists to date in the collection products and in the “special ones” for the most important Italian and foreign brands.

For some years now our company has been run by a new proprietorship which not only enhances our company by means of modern production facilities but also endeavours to safeguard and develop our technological know-how with efficient and competent staff.


Craftsmanlike production, quality, innovation and service for the customer are the guidelines of the new company. Our company is in a position to rapidly warrant the customisation and delivery of products needed by our customers regarding the finishing touches, amounts required and especially qualitywise ensuring the products are in conformity while checking the production process through constant monitoring of features required within the physical/mechanical lab in the company.

Indeed we feel that the value of a product is in its quality and this is established in the choice of raw materials. Alliances have been set up with strategic supply companies that enable SIS to be present on the market during all the stages of production from checking the purchase of raw materials right up to rubber processing and the finished product, ready for packaging.

Quality is one and the same as service and it is for this reason that the customer can always find a person who is careful, well prepared and ready to satisfy required needs.

Within the fashion system SIS is not only a mere supplier but also an indispensable partner to warrant quality, innovation, and an ever more customised approach for their own customers.