Other materials

Always keeping a watchful eye on new technology and new market needs, over the past few years SIS has concentrated efforts in the development of the most up-to-date production technology by investing in research.. 

This has enabled us to diversify production and manage to use different compounds such as:

  • base TR which, thanks to its versatility through the selection of blends, allows excellent products using standard and widespread material.
  • base TPU which represents a strength for the production of high standard articles thanks to its engineering, appearance and physical/mechanical .properties.
  • base PVC enables high flexibility in the design of products thanks to its different levels of fluidity.
  • base EVA enables to meet the requirement of lighter and lighter along with more comfortable products thanks to its inherent lightness.
  • base PU enables end features of pliability, softness, lightness and fastness, in one word “comfort” thanks to its excellent rubberiness.